Program Profile: Tractor Trailer Internship Program


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How long is this program?   Our Tractor Trailer Internship Program is 12 weeks in length (8 weeks at our facility, 4 weeks of internship)

Where is this program offered?   This program is offered at our campus in Masstown, Nova Scotia

When does this program start?   Our upcoming 2018 start dates are   October 9, November 5, December 3

What is the training environment like?   We offer training in an atmosphere that is ideal for students. We have a lecture hall for classroom topics, an on site maintenance garage to keep our fleet serviced, a large paved surface for truck maneuvering exercises – all in a rural area with low traffic which is great for new drivers.

What will I learn?   Our training divides into four main categories:

  • On-Road Driving
  • Maneuvering Skills
  • Pre-trip Inspections & Coupling / Uncoupling
  • Classroom – Mechanical and Safety Topics

We believe in offering a curriculum that is balanced from start of the course through to completion. This means a daily schedule that is a mix of both practical skills (in truck) and classroom learning.

How many students will be in a class?   At Commercial Safety College, we believe in keeping class sizes small. We accept a maximum of twelve (12) students per program. The student to instructor ratio for classroom instruction is 12:1, field manuevering is 6:1, and on-road driving is no more than 2:1

Is this program “industry-approved”?   Commercial Safety College prides itself on the positive relationship we have with the transportation industry. We have an on-going relationship with more than two dozen companies that take our students on internship and hire our graduates. We train to standards maintained through the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council and our program is given equivalency of two years of driving experience by most industry insurers. In addition, our program has been fully approved by the Private Career Colleges division of the both the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island governments.

How does the internship phase work?   Upon completing the eight weeks at our facility, our newly licensed students go with a Commercial Safety College approved coach with an approved carrier. We currently have opportunities with most major carriers throughout the Maritime region. Students are not responsible for coordinating their own internship. Student internships are arranged through ongoing consultation with our staff who have an extensive network and knowledge of the transportation industry.

What are potential career paths with this training?   Class 1 Tractor Trailer drivers are in high demand throughout the Maritime region and across Canada. Whether you are looking for a career in short haul, long haul, or construction –  this is the place to start!

Where can I download an information package or application?   Right here!


2018 Course Information Book and Application Form


If you would like more information on this program, call us at 1.800.667.5455, email us at [email protected] or send us a message using the “Contact Us”  form.

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